The Rules

  1. Order and pick up your food:  Eaters must order and pick up their mini-Emmenecker sandwiches from Jethro’s BBQ (Drake location only, 515-279-3300) the week of April 18-23 (Saturday through Friday). 
    • Tell Jethro’s your compEATing in the EAT-A-THON and give them your name. 
    • Your personal mini-Emmenecker and fries will be pre-weighed by Jethro’s (20 oz.) and packaged in a to-go box.
    • The to-go box will come with a food scale.  The scale is yours to keep. 
    • Your mini Emmenecker is free, compliments of Jethro’s BBQ Drake. 
    • Eaters are welcome to eat their food at Jethro’s or wherever they feel safe.
  2. Eat your food:  Set a timer for four minutes and eat!  Your last bite just has to be in your mouth by the buzzer—chewing and swallowing after time expires is okay.  Eat safely, it’s for charity and for fun!
  3. Weigh your leftovers: Use the scale that came with your food or one you own.  Be sure to tare the scale to zero and place the scale on a stable/hard surface.  Weigh your leftovers in the to-go box. We recommend placing the to-go box on top of the small box that comes with the scale, like this.
  4. Prove it with a selfie post:  Provide proof of your fEAT by posting a photo with your leftovers on icare’s EAT-A-THON Facebook event page.
  5. Report your results: Report your leftover ounces—i.e., your scale results—to your nonprofit POC. Once all four eaters for a nonprofit have completed their “legs” for the race, the POC will report the results (leftover ounces for each eater, and total leftover ounces) to icare.  We will subtract the total leftovers from 80 ounces to calculate how much your team ate, and hence how much moolah your team raised.

That’s it. But remember, this is for charity so have fun and be safe!