Eat-A-Thon Online Pledge Form

5 simple steps to pledge:

1) Provide your contact information (I-CARE will NOT share your info with third parties!):

        Name (First and Last):                                    Permanent Email Address:


2) Provide the name of the Wing Man or Wing Woman who solicited your pledge (if any):



3) Select the contestant your pledge will support:



4) Choose either a "PER WING" or a "FLAT" pledge and the amount.***

PER WING                           OR                   FLAT    


5) Please do not pledge twice unintentionally.



Tell us why you're pledging, or anything else you want us to know (optional)

We will email you after the Eat-a-thon with directions to fulfill your pledge.



***We encourage per wing pledges because it adds an element of surprise to the Eat-A-Thon!  If you want to pledge a fixed amount, please use the flat pledge option.  If you want to pledge an amount not listed, select the $0.00 option in each dropdown, and tell us your desired pledge amount and pledge type in the comment box.


We do not want to count your single pledge twice.  This can happen accidentally if you make the same pledge in two different methods.  Eat-A-Thon pledges can be made either in-person (on paper) to contestants and Wingpeople OR online here.  We ask you to make each pledge in only one method.  If you already pledged to a contestant or Wingperson in person, there is no need to pledge again online.  Conversely, if you pledge online today, there is no need to pledge in person later.  Of course, if you want to pledge to multiple contestants . . . GO FOR IT!  If you need to change a pledge, just fill out this form again and explain your desired change in the comment box above.